A Process - We don't waste your time!

 Avalonbay - eaves Phillips Ranch

Avalonbay - eaves Phillips Ranch

TWO - Site Analysis

ONE - Invoice Analysis

With an understanding of your history, at our cost we audit your operations to document the environment.  Specifically we examine the existing Lighting, HVAC, and IoT Controls for Electricity and Water (on request).

It all starts with a historical accounting of demand and consumption.  Our analysis looks at your invoices top to bottom to exploit opportunities.


Three - Financial Pro Forma & Solution

We propose opportunities that exceed your expectations. To deliver upon this promise, we diligently assess past expense, project cost, and performance improvement to deliver financial options that meet and exceed your Payback expectations. The dirty little secret most companies won't tell you: Retrofitting every Light, HVAC, Irrigation System may NOT make financial sense.  Managed Green gives you options:

Everything you need to know at the Portfolio or Asset level of our Proposal.

  • Project - Typically for LEED type projects this solution retrofits or replaces each lamp in your property.  It has the largest cash requirement and largest save of all options we provide.
  • Optimized - We use a proprietary algorithm to identify a collection of lights designed to meet your Payback goal and at the same time maximize project savings.  This option reduces the Scope of our project lowering the cash requirements while maximizing the savings you will achieve.
  • Payback (PB) Bias - This option significantly reduces the Cash required by retrofitting only those lights that provide a Payback below the value you select.  This solution often captures 80% of the savings  but the cash requirements are typically 70% less (than required to implement our Project option).


The best analysis and most cost effective solutions can fail if we miss your delivery expectations.  To avoid the unexpected, we maintain an online Project Plan for every job and we take every precaution to eliminate change. The fact is, at this stage no one likes a surprise.

How does this Help ME?

Our proposals bring Brokered Services for Retrofit Projects to your desktop with options you don't find from any other company.  Our products are supplied and installed by Tier 1 companies with the delivery excellence you expect and deserve.  Here's what you get:

  • One Stop Shopping: We offer quotes from 2 or 3 of our Tier 1 partners.
  • Customize your Retrofit Program: For each Asset apply 1 of 3 options (Project, Optimized, PB Bias).
  • Minimize Cash Required / Maximize Savings: Build a Retrofit plan to fit the disposition plans of each Asset while  optimizing the return at the Portfolio level..
  • Simple Decisions: In a single view right from your desktop.
  • Unequaled Delivery by the best in the business: We deliver quality and transparency to every project.  You follow the Project Plan step by step as products and Self Directed contractors install quality products without interrupting your normal business activities.