We reduce Waste disposal Costs, period.




Our lifecycle process for solid waste builds sustainable “Green” results for your business with no investment of time or money.  Our process improves your bottom line every month – a fantastic opportunity!

Analyze – We ensure the hauler’s service is sized and scheduled to meet the needs of your organization.  We ask for justified compensation when the hauler fails to meet their obligations. 

Optimize – Your equipment requirements, haul frequency, and recycling opportunities are optimized to reduce costs and make your business green.

Procure – Access to nearly 500 waste haulers creates negotiating power for your business.  Because we know your waste, when we negotiate your contract, haulers and recyclers expect and pass efficiencies on to you.  We renegotiate your contract for even more savings.

Audit – A line item audit of your invoice identifies errors, unauthorized price increases, hidden fees, data entry errors, and unauthorized equipment charges.  The audit is a key aspect of cost control. You pay for the services rendered, period.

Report – Our reporting offers the detail you have always needed.  Where invoices skip the detail we make certain the presentation provides what’s required to correctly manage your expense.  The result, finally you have a clear and accurate understanding of what you have paid for:

  • Itemized and aggregated costs include base and variable fuel charges, taxes, fees, and equipment costs
  • Equipment used and service schedules 
  • Waste volume characterized by type
  • Recycling performance
  • Dollars redirected to your bottom line as savings

Your business benefits every time our lifecycle process reduces your cost.

Payment Option – Companies serviced by multiple haulers can save time and bank transaction fees with our streamlined payment service.  Ask your service consultant for additional details.

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