LED vs. Nuclear Plants - what's your choice?

The Time has Come - LED Retrofits

The following key points are from the Forbes article "Can LED Bulbs Make Nuclear Plants Obsolete?"

  • Nuclear power represents about 19% of the power available to the grid.  Lighting represents about 19% of the consumption - U.S. and international.
  • The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates LED lighting is on track to reduce the power for lighting in the U.S. by 46%.
  • By 2030, the annual electrical savings is estimated at 300 terawatt-hours or about fifty 1,000-megawatt power plants. (source DOE)
  • The cost of LED lights has decreased nearly 50%.
  • Commercial lighting consumes half of power used for lighting in the U.S. grid.
  • Use of LED lights will grow from 10 to 45% by 2016 and to 70% by 2016.
  • One of the biggest complaints - companies who make their living replacing lamps with a short life cycle will turn off their lights - the party will be over.

The article cites reputable sources to explain the time has come for a LED retrofit revolution. The pricing is such that commercial and industrial businesses can expect investment grade returns on the lighting investment to turn their business #Green.  The industry has grown, matured, and is poised to become a ubiquitous factor in the reduction of electrical consumption worldwide.  But for commercial business, the best news is the lights make your products "pop", and it's the only #Green change you will make that customers will really notice.

Managed Green is expanding throughout the U.S. to take advantage of this mega trend. Our complimentary retrofit plan eliminates all of the up-front cost to explore the savings your business will acquire from LED lighting.  We suggest you utilize our offer to reap the savings ahead of the herd - and that means today would not be soon enough.

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