Assisted Living Affinity Program - hands down, the best in the biz!

Managed Green is excited to announce an Affinity Program for Assisted Living which focuses on property owners interested in making the "Green" movement a measure to reduce operating costs and grow community marketing efforts.  From experience we understand this business and it's Energy profile.  As a result, for customers who qualify, we offer great savings on our LED retrofit package which provides owners and operating companies an opportunity to substantially impact bottom line growth.  Some of the features our Affinity Program includes are:

  1. 15% discount for Lighting and Fixtures
  2. 10% discount on installation
  3. 10% discount on recycling (lights and ballasts)
  4. Extended Warranty and discounted Lease buy-back rates
  5. Energy Package - a complete analysis of all Utility costs and operations illustrates how Energy savings will reduce carbon and bring savings to your company

If your business includes Assisted Living - you need to look into this limited time offer.  Residents say "LED makes us look 10 years younger" - imagine the marketing possibilities!

See the details: Assisted Living Affinity Program

For more information please contact: | (714) 512-5820


Summary for online distribution only:

Managed Green offers Assisted Living Affinity Program with all the tools required to significantly reduce the energy footprint and rising Utility costs for Assisted Living properties throughout North America.