R22 - Supply / Demand - Solution

The Solution

Yes, finally a solution that requires no CAPX funds, reduces OPEX, and extends system life to avoid deploying CAPX funds for 5 - 10 years.  Our ASHRAE approved retrofit is a true drop-in solution. It reduces electrical consumption 10-30% AND extends equipment life with dramatic drops in system pressure and temperature.  This allows owners to delay CAPX projects - or your retrofit is on us.  Contact us today for additional information, or start a pilot at your property > Go to:

C-Suite Discussions; It's on their mind

Have you had a discussion with a C-Level executive about the cost of R22?  Have you been asked "What's the Solution?  Chances are you've had the discussion but you did NOT have a solution anyone wanted to hear - so everyone is in SEARCH mode, right?  BTW, if it's not a subject of discussion in your company, be a hero and start the dialog because the size of the problem is as big as every HVAC units on most every roof of every building in the US. That’s right, firms that don’t have a plan are going to lose big because the cost of maintaining their HVAC units is about to explode. Making matters worse, the EPA wants to DELIST the replacement R410A they recommended just a few years back!  Why?  Because they have realized it's even worse on the environment than refrigerants used in today's units.  I know, I can read your mind - SO WHAT'S THEIR SOLUTION?  I agree – but that’s a very different discussion.

Conversions - and the HVAC Service Industry

We all know that's a big Cha-Ching for the service industry and system manufacturers! The conversion process is in full swing and contractors are basking in the profits.  But why would companies use CAPX funds to replace or convert systems to a refrigerant that the EPA readily admits they must delist as quickly as they can?  Well, at some point the EPA will find an acceptable R410 refrigerant and another mandate will be issued. But no company wants to replace expensive equipment before the equipment's useful life has been exhausted.  We know replacing a small unit is expensive but there are millions of small (and large) units in service throughout the US and informed COO’s know they have a problem.  They also know spending CAPX funds for projects that don't add a dime to the bottom line hurts.

The Wish List!

We know industry needs an R22 replacement that will buy them time. Sure, the industry will create an R410 solution that will be approved by the EPA. However, nothing of that sort seems to be on the horizon .  For companies that have large exposures to the R22 problem, the issue is a clear and present danger to current operating budgets.  Companies need 1) to extend the life of existing equipment, and 2) avoid depletion of CAPX funds for a solution that does not add a dime to the bottom line. 

Of course, it would be fantastic if the retrofit could also reduce pressure and temperature and electrical costs by 10-30% to extend system life.

What’s your solution?

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