Waste Disposal - Are you paying too much?

Businesses are looking for new and creative ways to reduce cost. Managing the solid waste cycle in your business will usually drive significant savings directly to your bottom line.  How you ask?  Look at the waste cycle from your hauler's perspective.  Their view of your business is from the dumpster.  The core components of their profits are waste, volume, density, and service frequency.  In the simplest of terms, their profit is determined by how much they haul away and how often they service your dumpster.   The fact is, over and over again, we have found the hauler's motives to be like a waiter's recommendation from the menu.   The guidance often represents the most expensive entrees on the menu.  Like the hauler, the server knows a bigger bill increases their tip and restaurant profits.

How we grow your bottom line profits

Managed Green takes a much more scientific approach to reducing the waste haul expense.  

  • Our analysis looks at waste from the source.  We start our search for savings inside the building - not from outside at the dumpster.
  • We represent you and your business - our goal is to reduce the hauler's profits.
  • We renegotiate the hauler's contract to optimize the volume, density, and service frequency factors in their profit.
  • We monitor your invoices monthly and correct overcharges - you only pay for what you use.  
  • Best of all, we don't get paid unless we reduce your disposal costs - as a result of our service.

This lets you focus on your core business while we reduce your disposal costs 30 - 70%.  Yes, it's true even in metro areas where disposal fees have been negotiated and haul options have been reduced.

Our Service Goals

Our service will always result in savings for your company.   To get started we need 12 months of disposal receipts and your permission to begin our analysis.  When implemented, our recommendations will produce a minimum savings of 10% savings against baseline disposal expenses or we leave with a simple congratulations for a job well done.  

Start the process today.  Send disposal receipts to:

Fax disposal receipts to: (213) 210-2188