What does it cost to turn on your lights? 

 LED Retrofit

We improve lighting - but we create great investments!
— John Bruner, President, Managed Green

Your lights use way too much Electricity!

Businesses are looking for new and creative ways to reduce operating expenses.  Smart owners who use lights during prolonged business hours or within large footprint properties are retrofitting facilities with LED lighting. Why?  The changes improve lighting quality and significantly reduce electrical consumption to improve your earnings.  

Our Goal

Most of our customers have implemented no cash out-of-pocket solution. We bring the following benefits to your retrofit program:  

  1. Science delivers an optimal product
  2. We reduce your energy consumption used for lighting by 70% or more
  3. Your ROI is 24 months or less
  4. Our solutions improve light quality, and
  5. Allows you to promote your business as a "Green" solution in the community

We retrofit existing commercial and industrial facilities with photometric design for every project.  We offer OEM domestic and overseas LED products for all interior and exterior applications. For those interested in the technical side of the decision, all of our products are UL Listed, DLC, LM79-80, Lighting Facts, Energy Star, CE, RoHS and Dark Sky compliant.

Example savings from well known Health and Fitness center.

Start the process today.  Simply send 12 months of electric bills to: