Is your Utility paying you?

 Demand Response

Utilities understand - the cheapest Watt is the Watt they don’t need to create!
— John Bruner, President, Managed Green

Answers to all your Questions

What is Demand Response?

Utility companies really don't want you to lower the thermostat during hot summer days when electrical demand peaks.  So when temperatures soar or other predictable events occur, the electric utility that serves your area may announce a "Demand Response Event."  If your business agrees to use less electricity during the event, the utility will reward you with income. We show you how to maximize this income without inconveniencing your customers or negatively affecting your operations. This is good business for utilities, and it generates income for your property.

What must I do?

Initially, we need information about your equipment and operations. We use this to illustrate the revenue benefits you will derive from the Demand Response program. If you agree, we enroll your business in the program.  From there, your involvement depends on the type of systems we create to take advantage of a Demand Response event - your involvement can be hands-on or completely automated.

What happens when an Event is announced AND we can't participate?

Most programs, have no penalty clause because the provider assumes all penalties.  If for any reason your business can't participate, you simply won't get paid. Your provider resets your reduction target and program eligibility annually.

Are there any out of pocket expenses?

There are no up-front charges; however, some suppliers will install special meters. In most cases, the supplier will assume all or part of the meter and installation costs but some pass that expense on to your business. Our proposal accounts for any meter or software costs within the savings you accumulate from the program.

How do you get paid?

We leverage our knowledge of your machinery and utility charges to maximize the earnings you receive from the program. We receive a percentage of your earnings over the first few years while we fine tune and improve your response.  Once your program is optimized our work is done and the earnings are entirely yours.

On average – how many events are called?

That depends on the area. If no events are called you are still paid.  The payment is based on a yearly test, performed with advance notice.

Some other information of interest

Agreements are typically for a term of 5 years. 

We'll build a complete plan for your property.  The documentation has everything you need to know and it will survive staff changes to assure the property can maximize returns without negative implications to your customers or operations.