Create value, Increase Appraised Property Value, and Create Cash Flow


The cheapest Watt or Therm is the one you never use!
— John Bruner, President, Managed Green

Energy Management is a major opportunity for many businesses throughout the country.  The savings which can be harvested from the services is staggering.  With our Partners, we are prepared to help you achieve significant reductions in your overall energy consumption and through these changes we will increase the appraised value of your real property assets.

How can we help?  Here are a few of the popular services we offer to add cash to your bottom line:

  • Energy Procurement Services (Electric and Gas)
  • Utility Bill Audits (Electric, Gas, Telecommunications, and Data)
  • Bench-marking (Electric, Gas, Telecommunications, and Data)
  • Demand Response Analysis
  • Solar Proposals
  • Reverse Action and much more

You know your business, but chances are managing energy is not part of your skill set.  So let us do what we do best to reduce your current and manage future expense with the savings you acquire today.

Let's get you on the path to Sustainability - let's do it today.