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Turnkey LED retrofit process since 2002  500++ installations nationally

Turnkey LED retrofit process since 2002

500++ installations nationally

Who is Managed Green - Our Elevator Speech

"Managed Green is changing the way business looks at Green Energy. As a national provider, Managed Green minimizes Utility costs (electric, gas, water, teleco, and data). With your team we evaluate the financial effects of energy saving measures including LED retrofits, Demand Response, Reverse Action, Community Solar, Procurement options, and Energy Auctions for commercial and industrial applications throughout North America. Our goal is to deliver the deepest discounts with methodologies designed for the next generation consumer. Our holistic approach always achieves investment grade returns with no cash solutions. Grow your bottom line with us - get started today!"

The Greystar Benefits

All Greystar locations can take advantage of our exceptional service and these additional package benefits:

  • Remove property from the Greystar Energy Performance Target List

  • 5% discount on lights, recycling, installation, and maintenance agreements

  • Preferred provider - Turnkey process

  • Immediate operational savings of 60 - 65% or more

  • Predictable savings and investment outcome

  • Exceptional yields, tax advantages, and the possibility of substantial utility rebates

  • Positive cash flow - direct and lease buy-back purchase options

  • Improved safety in parking structures and common areas from a wide variety of lighting shades and intensity.

Multiple property discounts qualify for additional advantages through our Property Owner-Operator Affinity Program:

  • Extended Warranty

  • 15% discount on lights and retrofit fixtures

  • 10% discount on installation

  • 10% discount on recycled lights removed during the retrofit

  • Lighting upgrades deliver improved safety in public areas (including parking lots)

  • Utility Package - Audits, Procurement, Demand Response, and more ways to save

The Process

It will always be our intent to follow your lead through the process (see graphic below). Although we can sometimes trim the process by two weeks we find the timeline represented below most accurately defines expectations.

Get Started - two easy steps!

  1. email the most recent 12 months of electric bills to
  2. Authorize our survey

Authorization and Survey Request

On behalf of Greystar, and for the purpose of providing an LED lighting retrofit proposal, completion of the following  authorizes Managed Green and their representatives permission to audit electrical bills and conduct a lighting survey at the property named below.

RPM Name
RPM Name
Property Manager Name *
Property Manager Name
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Survey Contact Name *
Survey Contact Name
Survey contact - Phone *
Survey contact - Phone

Download eMaterial

Electrical Save for Lighting normally 50 - 65%.  Energy Package delivers even greater savings

Electrical Save for Lighting normally 50 - 65%.  Energy Package delivers even greater savings

This material is provided to explain our products and expedite your review of materials required to execute the retrofit agreement.

Green Meadows (example proposal)

Proforma - Property Owner-Operator Affinity

Property Owner/Operator Affinity Brochure

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