Dear Applicant,

Congratulations, we are giving your qualifications consideration for a national sales engagement. We use a 3 step process to find successful candidates:

Step 1) We want you to understand our business from the inside out.  In doing so, we may elect to disclose certain information deemed confidential. For our mutual protection and understanding, we ask that you execute with us a MUTUAL NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (MNDA).  

You may:

  1. Download the agreement below. Print your name in the space provided on the first page, change, if required, the business type (if you are not working as an individual), enter your name and applicable information in the spaces provided on page 6, and sign and date the last page. Return the signed document by fax (213) 210-2188 or email
  2. Request and sign the MNDA with Adobe Echosign.  Simply send an email to with ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE in the subject line.  When you receive the MNDA from Echosign, follow the simple instructions to authorize your signature.  A couple of clicks and you're done!

Step 2) Upon receiving the MNDA, we will schedule a phone interview.   

Step 3) If we agree to proceed, the next step may involve an in person or Skype interview. Before this meeting, we will provide access to our INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT for your review. We will use the time to discuss our working relationship, sales cycle, mutual expectations, training, pay, and other topics which are important to a good decision and a successful start in our organization.

We hope this explains our interview process. We make an effort to move you through the process quickly. In return, we ask that you dedicate the time and research to return the favor. We are excited about your background and we look forward to starting the interview process with you soon.

Warmest Regards,

John Bruner


Download the Agreement here: NDA.pdf

Electronic signature for PDF is available in Adobe's latest reader.  It may be downloaded here:  NOTE:  if you are not interested in installing McAfee virus protection be certain to uncheck the option.

NOTE:  This agreement does not contain confidential or personal information.  You are using an unsecure connection.