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Designed specifically for Pacifica Companies, the Managed Green Affinity Program brings a host of amazing opportunities to your firm. We understand the competitive nature of your business and we look forward to helping each of your properties market effective sustainability efforts in the communities they serve.

Here you will learn more about the exclusive offers we have created for your company.  We provide this information for you to share with your team.

Who is Managed Green - Our Elevator Speech

Turnkey LED retrofit process since 2002  500++ installations nationally

Turnkey LED retrofit process since 2002

500++ installations nationally

"Managed Green is changing the way business looks at Green Energy. As a national provider, Managed Green minimizes Utility costs (electric, gas, water, teleco, and data). With your team we evaluate the financial effects of energy saving measures including LED retrofits, Demand Response, Reverse Action, Community Solar, Procurement options, and Energy Auctions for commercial and industrial applications throughout North America. Our goal is to deliver the deepest discounts with methodologies designed for the next generation consumer. Our holistic approach always achieves investment grade returns with no cash solutions. Grow your bottom line with us - get started today!"


We know your business.  Our industry knowledge helps us understand the significant impact that can be created across all business operations .

We know your business.  Our industry knowledge helps us understand the significant impact that can be created across all business operations.

Affinity Programs for your entire Portfolio

Take advantage of multiple property discounts that make it easy to drive significant savings to improve operating margins:

Parking lots, interior, exterior and areas you lease to others can  take advantage of huge reductions in utility bills.

Parking lots, interior, exterior and areas you lease to others can take advantage of huge reductions in utility bills.

  • Occupancy neutral - Assisted Living, Hospitality, Office, and even tenants can take advantage of this offer.

  • Extended Warranty

  • 15% discount on lights and retrofit fixtures

  • 10% discount on installation

  • 10% discount on recycled lights removed during the retrofit

  • Improved safety in public areas (including parking lots) with LED lighting upgrades

  • Utility Package - Audits, Procurement, Demand Response, and more ways to save

  • Predictable savings and investment income

  • Immediate operational savings

  • Positive cash flow - cash purchase or Lease buy-back programs

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Electrical Save for Lighting normally 50 - 65%.  Payback in 1 - 24 months. Energy Package delivers even greater savings

Green Meadows (example proposal (your results may be better depending upon prevailing energy rates and property use patterns)

Assisted Living Affinity Brochure

Hospitality Affinity Brochure

Reducing Utility Costs

As you know, some of the properties in your portfolio are located in deregulated states. Those locations can reap significant benefits with our Energy Auction services.  This is especially true after the energy profile of a property has significantly changed.  These changes can be driven by many of the services we offer including the LED retrofit.  

Watch these short videos to learn more about how Pacifica Companies can reduce utility costs with Energy Auctions and Demand Response.  From air handling to circulation of hot water, we can substantially reduce Pacifica's utility costs with retrofit products that always make long term financial sense.

CAPEX problems from aging Physical Plants

Almost every portfolio has one.  Fortunately we have a great solution which generally requires no capital to deliver remarkable benefits.  

Introducing the Micro-Utility

Combining hyper efficient Geothermal, Solar PV, and geo heat pumps into a single integrated solution to substantially decrease energy cost and replace aging physical plants.  The program is designed and operated by first tier contractors who bring years of experience and knowledge to the design and solution.  Key criteria for eligibility is:

  1. Acceptable credit rating
  2. Energy costs above .09 per kWh
  3. Physical plant and equipment in service at least 8 years
  4. Available land (or water)
  5. Appropriate geology - the program includes testing (as required)

Each Micro-Utility delivers thermal energy for heating, cooling, and hot water.  The utility also  reduces associated maintenance, support costs, and eliminates future capital expenditures for equipment life-cycle repair and replacement.  The project life-cycle is typically 12 - 18 months.

The remarkable benefits are:

  • Your existing HVAC or physical plant is replaced with a Thermal Direct Micro-Utility at little to no upfront cost
  • Your gas and electric rates are reduced by 10%
  • Permanently reduces peak demand and related emissions - anticipate reductions > 50%
  • Future HVAC related capex expense is deferred for the next 20 years
  • Future capex includes all equipment replacement, maintenance, and support costs
  • Generates significant LEED certification points

Across Southern California, 317 projects have been completed or are pending completion since 2010.  SCE's development efforts proved successful in 2013 as 60 new projects are pending.

A word about Pacifica's Solar Options

We think solar should be a consideration in your energy plan. As technology improves and the industry stabilizes we lead customers to a team of designers and installers who know and understand business and financial needs. Because California is a leader in this area, we want to share some key characteristics of solar development over the last few years. This information was sourced from California Solar Statistics and is current as of June 30, 2014.

County leaders in California

The Meridian at Lake San Marcos property seems to be an excellent candidate for a solar study.  It's geo position, construction, and the community's interest in solar projects seems to justify the effort. However, the past and current industry obstacles remain a serious challenge for business. The market is crowded with companies attempting to capitalize on industry growth as though a new gold rush had arrived in California.  Selection of program partners who can bring strong balance sheets and industry knowledge to your project is arguably the most important decision you will make. Our partner Alternative Utility Services, Inc. has delivered again and again the knowledge you need to select and manage a solar team that delivers everything you expect and more.  Let's engage and talk about the options!

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We hope we have inspired some thoughts about how we can help improve operating margins within your portfolio.  We want to make certain all of your questions are answered, so please email or call us regarding our products or services.

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