RECYCLEPAK® Instructions and Spill Procedures

Download the instructions sheets (below) for RecyclePak® containers you have received.  For your safety and protection, we suggest you follow these simple instructions to assure your project is completed and documented as prescribed by the EPA and/or authorities in your state:

  1. Attach the applicable instructions (below) to the installation contractor's agreement
  2. Provide a copy of the instructions to the job supervisor before retrofit activities commence
  3. Audit the process before the contractor leaves the job site reporting any compliance issues immediately and in writing.
  4. Pickup request form - For the following Supply Containers - 123,144, 260, 261, 263, 276, 277, or 278 please call Veolia at 1-888-669-9725 for separate pick-up.
  5. After all your RecyclePak® containers are processed, Managed Green will provide the required Veolia certification and reports to document your recycling efforts.

 Lamp Recycling Boxes- Applies to Supply-043, 044, 065, 098, 126, 190, 191, 192

 5 Gal Mixed Lamp Recycling Pail- Applies to Supply-068

 Consumer CFL Recycling Box- Applies to Supply-123

 Bulk Lamp Recycling Box- Applies to Supply-144

 Cubic Yard Mixed Lamp Recycling Box- Applies to Supply-261

 Broken Lamp Instructions - Mercury Spills

 Crushed Lamps Prepaid Recycling Stamp- Applies to Supply-276 and complete this form: Generator Certification

 Linear Lamp Prepaid Recycling Stamps- Applies to Supply-277, 278

 5 Gal Lamp Ballast Recycling Pail- Applies to Supply-040

 6.5 Gal Lamp Ballast Recycling Pail- Applies to Supply-193

 Flexible 30 Gal Ballast Recycling Drum- Applies to Supply-263

 Battery Recycling Pails- Applies to Supply-041, 069, 093

 SLA Battery Recycling Pail- Applies to Supply-150

 UW Mercury Devices Recycling Pails- Applies to Supply-066, 049

 Electronics Recycling Boxes- Applies to Supply-061, 196, 197

 Cubic Yard Electronics Recycling Box- Applies to Supply-260

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