Results - Propel your Bottom Line

Managed Green - A Financial Company

While we use technology to deliver our products our focus is on the financial benefits of any solution we propose.  Our solutions always have two components:

Operational Technology (OT)

During our Audit of the asset we are gathering the operational characteristics at the lowest possible level.  For each asset we record it's use patterns, size, location, utility costs, energy consumption (Watts), lighting color, purpose, HVAC thermostat details, and much more. We also interview key resources to understand changes that may be desired, including any decorative concerns, or technical requirements (reporting, lumens, temperature, etc.).  We use this information to design a system  that is optimized and that performs throughout the ownership lifecycle.

Financial Viability

By working with you to understand the measures of a good investment, we create a strategy that brings technology to your business in tactical layers.  Each measure meets or exceeds your investment and operational criteria.  We propose solutions that you want or that are financially viable given your investment parameters.  This permits us to prioritize solutions for your budget while achieving the highest possible return with the fastest payback on your investment.

A Focused Strategy Delivers Solution Expertise

As our company has grown, we have broadened our experience in many industries.  We continue to service those industries as we grow and focus our business in three vertical segments.


 Daniel Island Village - South Carolina

Daniel Island Village - South Carolina

We have reached industry leader status in this domain.  Our customers include some of the largest Owner and Management firms operating within the US.  As our base, these companies manage millions of square feet and they depend upon us to deliver knowledge and expertise to meet their Energy needs. They know our partnerships share a common focus with product patents designed to deliver Energy savings for the unique needs of the industry.


Senior Living - Assisted Living

This large and growing domain has many unique OT needs but the special needs defined by the customer are different.  In this industry, the importance of Asset lighting from a quality and reliability perspective is critical.  Our specialty products which offer a realistic 10 - 15 year life bring welcomed relief to the staff allowing them to attend to the many other demanding needs of their customers.  We tell their customers they look 10 years younger with LED lighting - they agree!


This underserviced industry has historically worked to expand margins with self-serve measures designed to reduce the expensive Energy component of their budget.  Although we give the industry an A+ for their effort, the results have been mixed and the solutions have in many cases offered minimal budgetary relief. Our process brings ambiance to the front line as we design energy efficient, financially viable solutions that make the property look new and inviting to guests.