Lower fixed Business Expense


Q -Are your electricity expenses reducing your margins, or worse diminishing your competitive advantage?
Q - Does your staff lack the knowledge and time required to manage the solution?
Q - Do you want to find qualified partners with strong financials, and proven results?

If so, solar energy can be a solution to these business problems and it can be the start of a great marketing plan. We start with a Solar Energy Assessment to determine if solar is right for your property. When the shoe fits, here are your options:

Purchase and own your own system. 


The Benefits:

  1. A complete or partial offset of your electrical expense
  2. Tax Benefits
  3. Marketing benefits – make it known your business is solar powered

Other Considerations:

·         Large Capital Investment

·         Significant maintenance and operational responsibilities

Let someone else own the system – you purchase the power it generates. 


The Benefits:

  1. No Capital Investment
  2. Fixed electrical prices over the next 20 years
  3. No maintenance or operational responsibilities
  4. Marketing benefits – make it known your business is solar powered.

Other considerations:

·         No Tax benefits

Lower fixed Business Expense


Q -Is the machinery in your physical plant more than 8 years old?
Q - Are your Capex expenses becoming a burden because of aging equipment?
Q - Have you depreciated all of your machinery assets?

What we bring to your decision and the Implementation

  1. Current consumption analysis, recommendations, and action plan
  2. Initial analysis
  3. Top tier providers / installers selected specifically for your project
  4. Provider / Installer selection criteria and analysis
  5. Financial Analysis – Right sizing
  6. We normalize the proposed solutions to help you compare  – apples to apples
  7. Project Management and Reporting
  8. Selection of Maintenance and Operational teams