The Science of Deploying Solar - It's Technical

Solar Solutions - Adding to the Grid

After you consider all of the conservation options available, it's time to consider other measures to reduce electrical expense.  We do this by adding electricity to the grid.  In effect, you become your own electric generator and the power you create is used to offset the energy you consume.

Conservation First - Why?

The financial results we acquire by reducing consumption requires less capital and will deliver better financial performance than most any solar option.  More importantly, undertaking a solar project before eliminating unnecessary consumption may increase project Cost and Risk by "sizing" a solar system that exceeds the electrical demand of your business.

In contrast, by reducing consumption before adding solar, a smaller (cheaper) solar and energy storage array may be necessary to offset the remaining electrical needs of your business. "Sizing" the solar system to fit the new "post conservation" energy profile will substantially improve the financial performance of your entire energy solution.

5 Bids Yield 5 different solutions - guaranteed

Remodeling the Kitchen and deploying the best solar solution can not be accomplished using a traditional contractor selection process:

  1. Get 3 quotes and pick the lowest (traditional for building improvement)
  2. Use the recommendation of a friend, associate, industry group, or other reference

The fact is, 5 installers will look at the same rooftop and design 5 completely different solutions. Each will deploy different design assumptions, comprised of different components from different manufacturers, and each system will have vastly different performance characteristics over the first, and the next 30 years.  Our methodology brings the brightest and most creative installers to your project.  Using more than 70 RFP measures we normalize the data from their proposals to produce a selection process that makes superior performance, relative to price, obvious.  

At a reasonable cost, you buy Superior Performance over 30 Years

Spend your time doing what you do best - running your business.  Use our simple 5 step process to reduce project risk (financial, design, delivery, warranty) and deliver the best performance relative to cost.

RFP - Click to Enlarge

  1. Designed by the Best: More than 250 Tier 1 Installers have responded to our Request for Information (RFI). We use more than 80 performance and market measures to select the best of the best for your project.
  2. From the 250, all Qualified Installers are invited to participate in your project - 10 or more normally engage at this early stage.
  3. Interested Installers respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP).  The RFP allows us to compare each Solution across more than 70 measures in these primary categories:
    • Solar Panels Detail
    • Inverter Detail
    • Financial Detail
    • Assumptions
  4. Best Solution: Our process normalizes the 70 measures across each solution.  The resulting matrix quantifies the performance of each proposal relative to your project spec and goals.
  5. Creating Competition: Project feedback is communicated to 2 - 3 Installers who are encouraged to rethink the project with your input. The process creates competition between the best Installers who have designed the best possible solution for your project. The result creates a superior negotiating position from which amazing options and competitive pricing are achieved.