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Download a helpful Tool

Customized Solution - LPD Calculation Tool (requires excel)

Online Application Tool

First, I recommend that you register for the Online Application Tool, so that you can get access to be able to create and submit incentive applications on behalf of your customers. 

I suggest you review the following training related to completing incentive applications thru the Online Application Tool.

Incentives Applications: Submitting Through the Online Application Tool

Incentives Applications: Getting it Right the First Time

Solutions Directory

I recommend that you become familiar with the Solutions Directory. This document contains all of the incentive rates and qualifying criteria, arranged by End-Use (ex. lighting, HVAC, refrigeration) and then by Technology within each End-Use (ex. lighting technologies – CFL, LED, linear fluorescent). Also refer to p.4-5 for overviews of the process flows for both Express and Customized Solutions – remember that for Customized Solutions installation cannot begin until approval is received (4-6 weeks); pre- and post-installation inspections are involved; and energy savings calculations are required. 

I suggest you review the following training related to SCE’s incentive offerings.

Express and Customized Solutions: Processes, Requirements, and Offerings

Existing T12s

A federal mandate requires standard T8 as the minimum efficiency standard for lighting manufacturing; as a result, standard T8 is SCE energy efficiency incentives program’s lighting base case. Projects with existing T12 fixtures can still participate in the incentive program, but an equivalent standard T8 fixture must be used as the energy baseline. To help you determine the equivalent T8 fixture, a “T12 to T8 Base Case” tool is available from this link:


Generally, all LED products must appear on either qualified products list (QPL) of Energy Star or DesignLights Consortium (DLC) (or Appendices E and F of the statewide manual) in order to be eligible for incentive. The exceptions to this are LED tube lamps and retrofit kits (“lamp replacement products”), which are not eligible for incentive at this time; see this policy announcement for more information:

SCE recently released the following article, New Tool: Navigating Qualified Product Lists for Lighting Equipment, that explains how to use the Energy Star and DesignLights Consortium qualified products list.


A calculation methodology involving lighting power density (LPD) is required for interior Customized lighting projects. These calculation requirements went into effect on July 1, 2013; more information can be found from this newsletter article:

I recommend that you download the LPD Calculator, available from this link:

I also recommend that you review the Customized Solutions: Calculating Lighting Power Density training, it is a great resource to get you started.

Customer Authorized Agent (CAA) Website

We have created a CAA website to provide information to CAA’s.  Here you will find trainings, news & events and tools to assist you in completing the application process.

Training & Newsletter

We provide training opportunities on a number of topics related to SCE’s Express and Customized Offering. Please visit our training webpage for more information:

I also recommend that you sign up to receive the Energy Solutions E-News newsletter. To do so, please click here. The newsletter contains the latest news and updates, as well as articles on technical topics and announcements of upcoming training.