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We know it takes Energy to provide a service or create a product.  Are you wondering if your business can produce the same service or product with less?  Chances are excellent, that's why you're here!

OUR Guarantee

Results reduce consumption and increase the book value of real property.  If it does not meet those measures of success - it won't be proposed.


We service customers throughout North America.

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A Process - We don't waste your time!

Avalonbay - eaves Phillips Ranch

Avalonbay - eaves Phillips Ranch

TWO - Site Analysis

ONE - Invoice Analysis

With an understanding of your history, at our cost we audit your operations to document the environment.  Specifically we examine the existing Lighting, HVAC, and IoT Controls for Electricity and Water (on request).

It all starts with a historical accounting of demand and consumption.  Our analysis looks at your invoices top to bottom to exploit opportunities.


Three - Financial Pro Forma & Solution

We propose opportunities that exceed your expectations. To deliver upon this promise, we diligently assess past expense, project cost, and performance improvement to deliver financial options that meet and exceed your Payback expectations. The dirty little secret most companies won't tell you: Retrofitting every Light, HVAC, Irrigation System may NOT make financial sense.  Managed Green gives you options:

Everything you need to know at the Portfolio or Asset level of our Proposal.

  • Project - Typically for LEED type projects this solution retrofits or replaces each lamp in your property.  It has the largest cash requirement and largest save of all options we provide.
  • Optimized - We use a proprietary algorithm to identify a collection of lights designed to meet your Payback goal and at the same time maximize project savings.  This option reduces the Scope of our project lowering the cash requirements while maximizing the savings you will achieve.
  • Payback (PB) Bias - This option significantly reduces the Cash required by retrofitting only those lights that provide a Payback below the value you select.  This solution often captures 80% of the savings  but the cash requirements are typically 70% less (than required to implement our Project option).


The best analysis and most cost effective solutions can fail if we miss your delivery expectations.  To avoid the unexpected, we maintain an online Project Plan for every job and we take every precaution to eliminate change. The fact is, at this stage no one likes a surprise.

How does this Help ME?

Our proposals bring Brokered Services for Retrofit Projects to your desktop with options you don't find from any other company.  Our products are supplied and installed by Tier 1 companies with the delivery excellence you expect and deserve.  Here's what you get:

  • One Stop Shopping: We offer quotes from 2 or 3 of our Tier 1 partners.
  • Customize your Retrofit Program: For each Asset apply 1 of 3 options (Project, Optimized, PB Bias).
  • Minimize Cash Required / Maximize Savings: Build a Retrofit plan to fit the disposition plans of each Asset while  optimizing the return at the Portfolio level..
  • Simple Decisions: In a single view right from your desktop.
  • Unequaled Delivery by the best in the business: We deliver quality and transparency to every project.  You follow the Project Plan step by step as products and Self Directed contractors install quality products without interrupting your normal business activities.

Results - Propel your Bottom Line

Managed Green - A Financial Company

While we use technology to deliver our products our focus is on the financial benefits of any solution we propose.  Our solutions always have two components:

Operational Technology (OT)

During our Audit of the asset we are gathering the operational characteristics at the lowest possible level.  For each asset we record it's use patterns, size, location, utility costs, energy consumption (Watts), lighting color, purpose, HVAC thermostat details, and much more. We also interview key resources to understand changes that may be desired, including any decorative concerns, or technical requirements (reporting, lumens, temperature, etc.).  We use this information to design a system  that is optimized and that performs throughout the ownership lifecycle.

Financial Viability

By working with you to understand the measures of a good investment, we create a strategy that brings technology to your business in tactical layers.  Each measure meets or exceeds your investment and operational criteria.  We propose solutions that you want or that are financially viable given your investment parameters.  This permits us to prioritize solutions for your budget while achieving the highest possible return with the fastest payback on your investment.

A Focused Strategy Delivers Solution Expertise

As our company has grown, we have broadened our experience in many industries.  We continue to service those industries as we grow and focus our business in three vertical segments.


Daniel Island Village - South Carolina

Daniel Island Village - South Carolina

We have reached industry leader status in this domain.  Our customers include some of the largest Owner and Management firms operating within the US.  As our base, these companies manage millions of square feet and they depend upon us to deliver knowledge and expertise to meet their Energy needs. They know our partnerships share a common focus with product patents designed to deliver Energy savings for the unique needs of the industry.


Senior Living - Assisted Living

This large and growing domain has many unique OT needs but the special needs defined by the customer are different.  In this industry, the importance of Asset lighting from a quality and reliability perspective is critical.  Our specialty products which offer a realistic 10 - 15 year life bring welcomed relief to the staff allowing them to attend to the many other demanding needs of their customers.  We tell their customers they look 10 years younger with LED lighting - they agree!


This underserviced industry has historically worked to expand margins with self-serve measures designed to reduce the expensive Energy component of their budget.  Although we give the industry an A+ for their effort, the results have been mixed and the solutions have in many cases offered minimal budgetary relief. Our process brings ambiance to the front line as we design energy efficient, financially viable solutions that make the property look new and inviting to guests.  

Managing Electricity - Our Methodology

Pacifica Companies - Meridian at Lake San Marcos, California

Pacifica Companies - Meridian at Lake San Marcos, California

Smart Building Evaluation

These projects are designed to deliver years of affordable service with dramatic economic benefits.  Savings typically reduce the total electrical bill more than 70%.  State-of-the-Art software built in an Open Architecture let you monitor and manage or "tune" interior and exterior lighting, room temperature, water use relative to weather, and many other building components in real time (not 45 days later via bill review).  This allows you to improve service, increase productivity, and deliver superior products.

  • Landlords realize amazing increases to Asset Book Value.
  • Leaseholders acquire game changing operational savings, improve service, productivity, and products.
Greystar - Avana Wescott Plantation, South Carolina

Greystar - Avana Wescott Plantation, South Carolina



  1. Lamp Wattage
  2. Time in each State (On, Off, or Dimmed to reduce Watts)
  3. Utility Rates

Conventional lighting generally represents 40 - 95% of your electrical bill. Only three (3) components determines how much it costs to operate every light in your business.  Our LED solutions evaluate all 3 components for every light in your business.  The result reduces your lighting bill every day, month and year. Lower building costs improve lower operating expense and increase Book Value of the asset.

We calculate the precise electrical consumption of your lights, but you may use our rule of thumb to estimate how much of your electrical bill is from lighting:

Office 50-60% | Manufacturing 30% | Health Care 50 -60% | Multifamily / Senior Living  (Common Area) 60 - 70%

Warehouse 70 - 80% | Parking 90 - 95% | Hospitality 50-60% | Retail 30 - 70% | Manufacturing 35 - 50%

Greystar - Daniel Island Village - South Carolina

Greystar - Daniel Island Village - South Carolina

Other ways we Improve Operating Results

There are many other ways to reduce consumption.  Some may not be an option for your business, but we consider all of the options to optimize our proposal.  Below find a summary of just a few.

The State - Off | On |. Dimmed

When it comes to Energy Conservation there is no better word in the dictionary than OFF.  Energy you don't purchase because a light, machine, sign, HVAC, etc. is OFF delivers the best possible outcome.  Obviously the exact opposite is true when the same equipment is ON - or is it?

The most under recognized opportunity today is Dimming and use of Variable Speed Drives.  You see, a light, and many pieces of equipment (elevators, fountains, ventilation fans, etc.) can run in a state that requires less electricity.  Just like the "Power Saver" mode on newer appliances, equipment operating in this state will consume less power.  Since cost is based upon the consumption (Watts, Therms, Gallons) any opportunity to reduce consumption saves money - a lot of money.  Our Smart Building approach exploits this opportunity to lower your cost.

Tiered Rates - Demand | Demand Response |  ADR | Open ADR | Variable Speed Drive

Most utilities price their energy on a tiered basis meaning throughout the day the cost for the same unit of energy climbs up and down within a set range.  Typically, utility price per unit is at it's peak when the demand on the system is highest.  Demand controls, Demand Response (DR), Variable Speed Drives (VSD), and our Smart Building solutions that take advantage of Open ADR are some of the additional tools we use to manage the consumption of every light, motor, appliance, HVAC component, and piece of machinery running on your property.

The IoT - Open Platform Controls

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For years the concept of the "Internet of Things" has seemed like a dream.  However, like computers, as prices fall and technology expands, the resulting opportunities are amazing.  Controls now let us manage every light, plug, thermostat, door, water pipe and much more with precision real time accuracy from the Cloud.  We use every opportunity to exploit the IoT in your building - we now know Smart is an investment that delivers financially superior outcomes today in an environment built for tomorrow.

The Science of Deploying Solar - It's Technical

Selecting a Solar platform and someone to install the system is a daunting technical task that often requires a significant investment of capital.  Developing a Solar system is not like hiring a contractor to remodel the kitchen or the house, and it's not like selecting a solar system for your home.  The fact is, 5 installers will look at the same rooftop and design 5 completely different solutions. Each will deploy different design assumptions, each will be comprised of different components from different manufacturers, and each will have vastly different performance characteristics in the first and for the next 30 years.  

EV Charging - the time has come for "Change."

Trust us, your residents, customers, and guests will start to expect EV Charger availability.  Every day we hear about residents plugging their EV's into common outlets available in the parking garage.  We want our customers to consider the future now while rebates and other financial benefits are there to pave the way for adoption.

Two greatest myths about electric driving are getting debunked once and for all. The only way to roll is electric. 

How we help

  1. Owner / Operator / Asset Objectives: Our on-line surveys are designed to help you define all project objectives - marketing, income, area competition, resident needs, and more. Our resident surveys (optional) help you understand the current needs and future plans of customers.  These objectives drive the hardware and software selection process.
  2. Due-Diligence: We use your objectives to select system components from more than 20 Tier1 providers of EV hardware, software, and services.  
  3. Equipment Selection: A 50 point matrix allows you to compare the different solutions (pricing, features, benefits, etc.) that represent the best options to satisfy objectives for the asset and your portfolio.
  4. Deployment: Self-Directed contractors install equipment throughout the U.S.  Our experience in this area is unequaled with more than 2500 deployments nationally.
  5. Service: Optional service agreements keep equipment available and aesthetically appealing to customers.